Coming in May 2015 from Grail Games! Matcha and Too Many Cinderellas

March 24, 2015 - 11:49pm
Grail Games has announced two new upcoming games, Matcha and Too Many Cinderellas.
The Japanese tea ceremony is a tradition centered on spirituality and servitude. Preparing and presenting a beautiful matcha (tea) for your guest is the ultimate expression of culture, ceremony and respect.
Designed by David Harding, the card game Matcha sets the stage for players to perform a tea ceremony by matching "otemae" [oh-teh-mah-eh], or tea ceremony, cards by number or by suit.  Card play in the game is done in secret, and the suits used are tea, water, bowl, and scoop.  Collecting the "chadogu" [chah-doh-goo], or tea utensils, is very important in order to accomplish your objective.
Matcha provides plenty of strategy for players who must decide when and where to play their cards to the table.
Matcha is a game for 2 players and will include the following:
  • 18 otomae cards
  • 6 tatami (straw mat) cards
  • 35 chadogu tokens

Too Many Cinderellas is a card game in which players take on the role of an influential person in the distant land that is trying to convince the Prince that their servant, friend, or relative is the true Cinderella.  They do this by capitalizing on the Prince's confused memories of the real Cinderella while trying to tactfully sow seeds of doubt about the other "Cinderellas" belonging to the other players.
There was a ball held at a castle in a far-off country. The Prince of the country met Cinderella at the ball and fell in love with her. He decides he wishes to marry her and sets off to find her. Unfortunately, he doesn't actually remember anything about her and is left wondering aloud to all: "Does anyone know Cinderella?" Hearing this, many influential people begin spreading rumors that their servant is the actual Cinderella.  [from]
Too Many Cinderellas is a game for 2-4 players ages 10 and up. Both of these games are scheduled for release in May of 2015.  More information can be found about Matcha and Too Many Cinderellas on Grail Games' website here.