Back to Combine: AEG's Third Chronicle For Lost Legacy To Include Two Products

March 25, 2015 - 12:36pm
Love Love Letter? Even if you aren't enamored with the phenomenon called Love Letter, one must respect how much impact a 16-card card game had on the hobby gaming world. Even lovers though are sometimes left with the want for something more. To evolve the game, the creator Seiji Kanai along with fellow designer Hayato Kisaragi, kept the rules simple but added more dynamic card combination, player actions and lastly, customizations between card sets. Thus Lost Legacy was born. When originally produced in Japan, each release in the Lost Legacy series contained two 16-card sets. This emphasized the inherent design concept that one can create their own game by switching out cards amongst sets or even combine sets to increase the number of players from the usual 2-4. Here is a brief overview of the rules of all the sets and a display of the simple design:

Objective: not be eliminated and be the player to locate the card Lost Legacy Shuffle the 16 cards, draw one to form the Ruins, a facedown side by side pile of cards, and each player receives a card for their hand 1) Draw a card 2)Play: Choose one of the two cards in hand by placing it faceup in a pile in front of player 3) Effect: Carry out the played card's effect 4)End: If there is at least one card left in the deck, the turn goes to the next player; if not, the Investigation Phase starts. It is during this phase that players try to locate the Lost Legacy card. It could be in someone's hand or in the Ruins that was built and manipulated during gameplay.

It is that simple and yet there is a lot of game in these 16 cards, even more so than Love Letter. Add in the ability to switch cards between sets, cards that have all different kinds of effects, and you have an incredible amount of different games here. When AEG wisely negotiated the release of this Kanai game to the market on this side of the Pacific, they initially released each set individually: The Starship and The Flying Garden. This was to emphasize that each 16-card set has a strong story and is a strong game in and of itself. The story covered in these first two releases is that long ago a starcraft bearing powerful artifacts crash landed. The numerous broken apart pieces of the ship became the Lost Legacies. In the first set, a piece of the Starship itself is the object of desire and in the second set a Flying Garden that grew out of a piece of the craft. Emphasizing each set worked to highlight each story but the trade-off was that it wasn't obvious enough to consumers that combining the sets, which were separated by months of real time, provides a plethora of game combination possibilities. To remedy the situation, for the next release in AEG's Lost Legacy saga, the next two "stories" will be released together as Lost Legacy: Second Chronicle. This release will include two 16-card sets: Whitegold Spire and Vorpal Spire. This release is expected in April 2015 and furthers the story that the first two releases of Lost Legacy started. The Spire was once part of the starship but now is a citadel full of powerful partygoers ready for intrigue. The Vorpal Sword is not only a weapon of the Legacy, it is also a key to unlock further mysteries found within the starship. AEG has now announced Lost Legacy: Third Chronicle which will include:

- Rulebook - 16 Game cards (for the Sacred Grail set) - 16 Game cards (for the Staff of Dragons set) - 4 Reference cards - 13 Victory point tokens

As for the storyline, a royal family has long ago discovered a piece of the Legacies and named it the Grail which has provided the family with great power, honor, and tragically, envy. The story continues with another Legacy, a staff that allows the wielder to control dragons. Now who would want that kind of power? Oh yeah, everyone! Expect this Third Chronicle in July 2015. AEG may market this as part of their "5 Minute Fun" series but like that fabled potato chip, you cannot play just one game. These five minutes do sure add up for some incredible gaming experiences! For more information, visit AEG's Lost Legacy site here.