FFG Announces "Bonds of the Wild," A New Hero & Monster Collection for Descent 2nd Edition

March 25, 2015 - 7:40am
Welcome dungeon delvers, new and veteran alike. For you new to the dangerous labyrinths below Terrinoth, Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) is a dungeon delve adventure that pits an Overlord (think Dungeon Master) versus up to four Hero characters to compete for various goals. Each session can be played as stand-alone or linked in a Campaign where the Heroes can "grow" between plays. Heroes and Overlord monster's are represented by high quality figures and the environment is achieved through modular, interlocking dungeon tiles. Released in its Second Edition in 2012 this popular board game by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has received numerous expansions. One desire of fans of the first edition of the game is to have some of the original Heroes and Monsters brought into the Second Edition. FFG listened and started putting out "Hero and Monster Collections" which are add-ons that contain new sculpts for some fan favorites from the original Descent to be used in the Second Edion. FFG announced yesterday the sixth of such "collections": Bonds of the Wild. This product will re-introduce 4 Heroes and 16 monsters for the Overlord to pit against the Heroes. These are new sculpts and are unpainted plastic high quality figures. Each figure will also have its respective cards that show the various ability and stats.


Also included will be 2 new Quests: One Man's Treasure and Bonds of the Wild. Both quests can be injected into your Heroes campaign or played as stand alone and involve unlocking the powers of the Tree of Life. FFG also provided two sneak peaks: one of the Heroes and one of the Monsters: Challara is a Hero whose family was wronged by dragons in the past. To redeem her family and show her superiority she has tamed a dragon which acts as her familiar and, for gameplay purposes, acts as its own figure and can take its own actions. The Overlord will have Kobolds to play with. These guys prove the adage 'there is strength in numbers.' For example, in a 4 Hero game, the Overlord will have 3 master kobolds at his disposal. Well the kicker is that these masters have the "Spawner" ability that will allow them to use an action to summon up to 9 minion kobolds during gameplay! This "swarm" technique should prove a unique challenge to the brave Heroes. Whatcha delvers waiting for, go check out the upcoming goodness here! It should be available third Quarter of 2015.