"Epoch - Early Inventors" Coming Soon to Crowdfunding Site Spieleschmiede.com

March 22, 2015 - 6:11pm
Dutch game designer Martyn F., best known for last year's succesful game Oklahoma Boomers, is planning his second crowdfunding campaign. Epoch - Early Inventors, an exploration and civilization game for 2-4 players, will launch in May on the German crowdfunding website Spieleschmiede.com. Taking the role of clan leaders in the early days of civilization, players have to scout the environment around their village, discover new technologies and worship holy sites. You can find more information on the game at Boardgamegeek here. Press release Epoch – Early Inventors starts in MayMartyn F is preparing his second crowdfunding project. 20.3.2015. The new German-style game of Martyn F will start in May at Spieleschmiede.com. The Dutch game designer Martyn F and the Spieleschmiede are announcing a new project. After Oklahoma Boomers, the designer wants to finance his next game Epoch – Early Inventors with crowdfunding aswell. The campaign at Spieleschmiede.com is planned to start in May 2015. A real German-style game for experts. In Epoch – Early Inventors, players take the role of a clan chief in the early days of civilizations. Each player has to scout the surroundings of the village, discover new technologies and worship Holy Sites. When discovering the surroundings, the game has a more tactical approach. That changes later, when Epoch is a deep strategy game with a lot ofchoices. Interested bloggers and reviewers can now apply for a prototype of thegame via Spieleschmiede.