Catalyst Game Labs at GAMA - Jarl: The Vikings Tile-Laying Game

March 20, 2015 - 7:13am
The GAMA Trade Show is an annual closed trade show for members of The Game Manufacturers Association. Each year, hundreds of retailers, publishers, manufacturers, distributors, and other industry professionals get together to connect and showcase games. This year, Catalyst Game Labs is showcasing Jarl: The Vikings Tile-Laying Game, coming Summer 2015. It appears to be quite similar to The Duke, another tile-laying strategy game by Catalyst Game Labs. In both games,  players move their tiles around the board to capture opponents (similar to Chess). Unlike chess, each piece can move in two separate ways, determined by the side of the tile facing up. After a tile is moved, the tile is flipped over to show the other side. In Jarl: The Vikings Tile Laying Game, which is Catalyst Game Labs's first game based on the drama TV Series Vikings, the objective is to capture your opponent's Jarl, or chieftain.