Battle Arena Show from Koti Games hits Kickstarter April 7th

March 19, 2015 - 8:39pm
Battle Arena Show is a new miniatures game from Koti Games in which players will control fighters from "all parts of the world and every conceivable age." From the press release it appears this will be a tactical combat game which recreates a television show where the fighters are striving to become Battle Arena Master by being victorious in various death matches. Koti Games says the concept of this game was inspired by Multiplayer Online Battle Arena videogames including League of Legends and DOTA 2. Koti Games has released a pretty slick looking YouTube video (here) for Battle Arena Show. If the miniatures end up looking anything like their concepts you can rest assured the game will look fantastic. The press release indicates the game will be for two to six players. However it goes on to say the players will be split into two teams which does leave one to wonder if this is not another case of a publisher taking a two player game and forcing higher player counts on to it. Only time will tell. The Board Game Geek page (here) for Battle Arena Show is still in the early stages of construction but it does indicate the game will play in 120 - 180 minutes and will include dice rolling, hand management, variable player powers, and an action point allowance system. Interested individuals can look for Battle Arena Show to go up on Kickstarter on April 7th of this year.