Newest Expansion for Cutthroat Caverns and A New Card Drafting Game: GAMA News From Smirk & Dagger

March 18, 2015 - 9:36pm

The 2007 hit from Curt Covert and Smirk & Dagger Games Cutthroat Caverns will be receiving its fifth expansion. This has been confirmed at GAMA Trade Show. Previously, via a post on the boardgames enthusiast's website BoardGameGeek, the designer had hinted the expansion:
is dedicated to the Incarnation type encounters - with a host of new ones including Death himself. We are also developing special relics imbued with the powers of the incarnations and if one is gained by defeating an Incarnation in their 'Realm' it cannot be taken from you (and is otherwise stripped from someone else if it is already in play). The expansion will also have a new adventure book.
It will be a hard push for those involved to get this product out for Gen Con of this year but if not, then expect it soon after. Also at GAMA, Smirk & Dagger Games announced a new game, a card drafting game titled Nevermore. According to a post on their Facebook page:
In Smirk and Dagger's upcoming card game, Nevermore, those who fall become transformed. They live out the rest of the game as Ravens, unable to win, as they struggle to regain their human forms - yet still able to bring doom to others. Some will succeed. Others will be ravens, forevermore.
Ok, anyone who can bring a work of Edgar Allen Poe to the boardgames table has me a-tapping at their door! Look for the Raven delivering in late Spring. For more information on Cutthroat Caverns follow this link to its BoardGameGeek entry. For the latest on Nevermore hop over to Smirk & Dagger Games' Facebook page.