Steampunk, Fantastic Heroes, and an Apocalyptic Future…Mr. B Games Announces New Titles at GAMA 2015

March 18, 2015 - 7:43pm

Up and coming publisher Mr. B Games has announced 3 new titles in various stages of development at GAMA 2015. Clockwork Kingdom Worker placement, with a steampunk twist! In Clockwork Kingdom, players take on the roles of rival claimants to a vacant throne. Each turn, you place your steam-powered workers to gain various benefits, all while trying to build game-changing contraptions and wage war on 4 separate battlefields. After an extremely successful Kickstarter, Mr. B Games found itself in the enviable position of shipping this game to backers 2 months early. For non-backers some copies will be available almost immediately, and by April the publisher predicts the game should be appearing at game stores everywhere. For more info on Clockwork Kingdom, check out the Boardgamegeek page or see Mr. B Game's preview video from GEN CON 1014. Realm of Heroes Another fight for power, this time in a more traditional Western fantasy environment. In Realm of Heroes, not only do players scheme against each other but also have to navigate a constantly changing board. Acquiring pieces with varying powers, players will compete in a "minimal luck" environment to take out their rivals while also trying to support their heroes and keep plague from spreading through the land. Coming off a successful Kickstarter, Realm of Heroes should be available to the broader gaming public almost immediately. More info can be found at the boardgamegeek page here. You can also see a combined preview for both Clockwork Kingdom and Realm of Heroes from Origins 2014 right here.

Posthuman Lastly on Mr. B Games's plate is Posthuman. Described as a "post-apocalyptic survival game," the story pits players as the last human survivors in a nightmare world. What led the Earth to such a sorry state? Humanity's own search for omnipotence, combined with the creation of a new life form bent on becoming our genetic successors. Players take the role of humans attempting to reach an isolated safe house. Through 10 different randomly generated zones, the humans will face unknown obstacles, post human mutants, other NPC humans and of course the most dangerous of all…their fellow players. Victory can be won by reaching the safe house, or by giving in to the rising mutant tide and throwing the game for the enemy. Mr. B Games is in the process of creating a Kickstarter campaign to fund Posthuman. While you wait, take a look at the boardgamegeek page. If you have some extra time, take a look at the very brief teaser video here.