Now on Kickstarter: Lord of the Fries

March 16, 2015 - 7:25pm
Cheapass Games launched a Kickstarter for Lord of the Fries.
Lord of the Fries was introduced in 1998 as the sequel to Give Me the Brain. It has had several versions since then, and now it's out of print. We want to make the new edition better in many ways, including a second complete deck in the box: McFrye's Coffee Shop.
If enough money is raised new restaurants, that can be played stand alone or combined with the base game, will be added via stretch goals. At first just the art for these decks will be created and made available to purchase at DriveThruCards. Further stretch goals will allow them to print the decks and ship them with the main game at which point you can add them on to your pledge. So if you like the idea of playing a zombie working at a fast food restaurant check out the Kickstarter here.