Z-Man Games announces there are 52,000 Pandemic Legacy Preorders

March 17, 2015 - 4:23pm
Some exciting news out of Z-Man games today about the next "Legacy" game and an expansion to one of the hottest cooperative board games out there:
"As of today, we have received 52,000 preorders for the game… and the game releases worldwide October 8, 2015. "
With 7 months still to go before the game is released this number is sure to grow. Considering an average game sells between 10-20k for it's entire print run it's safe to say that Pandemic Legacy is already a big hit but not as big a populare SDJ titles like Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride which have sold 1-5 million each. Still this is an impressive feat considering it is a reimplementation of a an existing game, albeit a very popular one, at higher price then the original There's still time to preorder so head to your favorite FLGS/OLGS or straight to Z-Man Games website if interested. Full article can be found here