New Board Game Cafe Opening in North Berkeley, CA

March 12, 2015 - 11:30pm

Board Game Cafes are becoming more and more popular, and evidence of this can be seen in Victory Point Cafe, which plans to open for business in the early to mid-summer of 2015. The founders of Victory Point Cafe, Derek DeSantis and Areg Maghakian, plan to open their new cafe with a library of at least 500 games, accessible to their customers for a flat fee of $5 per day.  In addition to a large selection of games, patrons of Victory Point Cafe will be able to purchase locally-brewed coffee, beer, and snacks to accompany their hours of gaming.  They also have plans to hire a "game-guru" to teach games to customers. DeSantis and Maghakian originally had individual plans to open board game cafes, but after researching and planning, they decided upon this joint venture.  After visiting other board game cafes, namely Snakes and Lattes in Toronto, Maghakian "fell in love with the concept.  It was bringing in so many different people, not just people who are considered hobby board gamers, but people all across the spectrum.” Victory Point Cafe's goal is to provide a “nice, friendly, open atmosphere that is accessible to everyone and anyone” in a neighborhood cafe setting.  It also is coordinating its efforts with local game stores to grow the gaming hobby in the local community. For more information about Victory Point Cafe and plans for its summer grand opening, visit the full article here.