Now on Kickstarter: Wings of Glory Giants Of The Sky Miniature Game

March 11, 2015 - 10:25pm
           Ares Games, soon to be publisher of Age of Conan, is running a Kickstarter for Wings of Glory: Giants of the Sky. This is a WWI airplane miniatures game.
Wings of Glory is probably the most popular World War One aerial combat tabletop game in the world, with a great collection of pre-painted, ready-to-play model airplanes.
Thanks to its elegant and innovative game system, it is possible to start playing minutes after opening the rules. Each airplane has a unique, historically accurate, maneuver deck, yet it is easy to play.
This expansion focuses on two of the largest airplanes to fly during WWI: the British Handley Page 0/400, an Entente bomber used to support ground troops, and the German Zeppelin Staaken R.VI, the largest airplane during WWI, with a wingspan more than 30 feet larger than a WW2 B-17. Each model will be a complete, ready to play miniature in 1/144 scale, painted and assembled. You have until Apr 2nd to back this project, so visit their Kickstarter page here to learn more.