Coming in April from Irongames! Peloponnes, PAX, Panthalos and More!

March 9, 2015 - 9:58pm
Irongames has announced some exciting new releases for the month of April, and here we are offering a glimpse at these new titles! Peloponnes
In Peloponnes, each player is trying to establish one of seven different civilizations in 1,000 BC. To do this, they must erect buildings and annex land to be developed, thereby increasing both their wealth and their population.
In this game designed by Bernd Eisenstein, players will bid on tiles and gather income, after which disaster tiles will be revealed that could affect all players.  Land tiles, building tiles, and inhabitants are all worth victory points.  The winner will achieve the most points, thus making them the most dominant civilization on the peninsula at the start of a new millennium.  Peleponnes is a game for 1-5 players ages 10 and up, and plays in 15-50 minutes. PAX
Enter Rome at the time of the slave uprisings under Spartacus! The escaped rebels have managed to gain influence and power. Rome is attempting to undermine the stronger armies of the slaves in order to restore “pax”, or peace – but only for personal gain. Will the Empire collapse under the strain, or will their promises to insurgents succeed in drawing them to their side?
In PAX, players take on the role of the escaped slave underground.  Using their cards, they will attempt to undermine the Roman establishment and increase their sphere of influence.  Players will win the game by developing more strength than Rome (and any other player).  This game involves tricky tactical decisions, and a player can, through deception and intrigue, side with Rome to aid in a victory over the slave revolt. PAX is for 1-4 players ages 10 and up, and plays in 30 minutes. PAX Expansion will also be released, including 30 new cards:
The slaves are re-arming themselves and Rome, too, does not remain idle. With the new cards; Militia, Scouts, and Adversaries, additional tactics are possible for the slaves as well as for Rome!
They were the most powerful nations of their time: the Carthaginians, Romans, Hellenes, Egyptians and Persians. Pergamemnon assembles all of these peoples for an epic showdown.
Pergamemnon is a deck-builder in which players will become on of the most powerful nations in antiquity, and through direct conflict, will vie for victory.  Nations will also be able to conjure mythical creatures to influence the battle in their favor. Pergamemnon is a game for 2-5 players ages 10 and up, and plays in 45 minutes. Pergamemnon Expansion will also be released, including 32 new cards:
Out of the Abyss come the Germans and the Macedonians, two more powerful nations to compete with the others. In addition to the specific skills of each people, all players now have the option to acquire additional skills.
Titans, the demi-gods of the underworld, threaten mankind, spreading mischief and chaos in the world but the humans are prepared to defend themselves by creating their own Titans to withstand these attacks from the underworld.
Players play as these humans, attempting to carry on the business of normal life by acquiring goods, upgrading their merchandise, and delivering them to ships and dealers.  All the while, players will be strengthening their titans and troops to gain the military advantage. Panthalos is for 2-5 players ages 12 and up and plays in 60 - 90 minutes. Palmyra In this tactical tile-laying game, players will be striving to acquire valuable land and riches for the Roman Empire.  Players will need to balance their tax collection strategies, as a greedy tax policy will limit the influx of riches later in the game.  By placing land tiles and moving their armies and censors, players will attempt to collect the most coins to achieve victory.  The game ends when 120 coins have been collected. Palmyra is a game for 1-5 players ages 10 and up and plays in 30-45 minutes. For more information on these new releases and on Irongames, visit Irongames' website here.