Kickstarter Preview for 12 Realms Expansion: Bedtime Story

March 8, 2015 - 10:25pm
12_realms_bedtime_stories_l9wxde 12 Realms is a cooperative fantasy adventure game from MAGE Company. In 12 Realms players are tasked with  with saving the Realms from the Dark Lord's overwhelming hordes. Bedtime Story is the latest expansion and the Kickstarter campaign that was announce in February is about to go live. Bedtime Story allows for 1-7 players. They will face more powerful invaders, flooding map tiles, timed areas and even resist the desire to join the Dark Lords. Along with this new threats there will also be new heroes to recruit, special buildings, and new powerful Talents to choose from. MAGE Company, in anticipation of the Kickstarter, posted their preview page in Kickstarter. To learn more about this expansion visit their Kickstarter page here.