Now on Kickstarter: Airborne Commander by Stratamax Games

March 7, 2015 - 2:05am
Your airborne troops are landing in Normandy on D-Day!
Gather your brothers and move out. The success of the invasion rests on your shoulders!
In this solitaire, deck-building card game from Stratamax Games, you take on the role of the commander of the 101st Airborne unit on D-Day.  Will you lead your troop to victory by making it through the Mission or Drop Deck and overcoming the enemy?  Or will your troop accumulate so many "Disorganized" cards that they are no longer effective--or worse, captured? On each turn in Airborne Commander, you will draw four cards from the Mission Deck--this becomes the Axis opposition for that turn.  You will have three choices on how to play cards from your hand:
  • to face off against the four enemy Axis units,
  • to support your Allied units in combat, or
  • to recruit new Allied units to your player deck.
You will win the game if you make it through to the end of the Mission or Drop Deck.  If you do, you will tally up your score.  Scoring 12 points at the end of the game will secure a total victory and the Medal of Honor. You will lose if you draw all of the "Disorganized" cards into your player deck, or if you fail to defeat enough static defenses. A pledge at the $25 funding level will secure supporters with one copy of the game, which includes the following:
  • 44 101st Airborne Cards
  • 10 Disorganized Cards
  • 8 Mission Albany Objectives
  • 38 Mission Albany Axis Units
  • 8 Mission Albany Terrain Cards
  • Airborne Commander Rules
Airborne Commander has a primary funding goal of $3,000, and over $11,000 has been raised at this point.  The project will fund on Fri, April 3, 2015.  For more information and to support this project, visit the Kickstarter page here.