Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing: A Brief Look at Wave 4

March 5, 2015 - 10:30pm
WizKids Games has released Wave 4 of the Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing miniatures game, and after a long wait while the West Coast port congestion was resolved, these expansions for the game are finally available.  The three figures in Wave 4 include:

  • THE GARGOYLE: a "narrow-niche specialist," the Gargoyle, while a flying creature, actually fights better on the ground with such benefits as a boost to its Primary Weapon Value and its Freeze ability.
  • THE STONE GIANT: a well-balanced giant with more survivability in exchange for a slightly weaker offensive capability.  They prefer to strike from a distance with their rocks and wield such abilities as Rock Catching, Stone Bracers, and Stoneskin.
  • THE GOLD DRAGON: the strongest of the dragons, Pacatus is a good dragon who possesses an inspiring and selfless battlefield presence, allowing friendly units or itself to heal.  Also included are upgrades such as Fire Breath, Weakening Breath, and Fair Warning, as well as additional spells.
For more details on the figures and upgrades in this Wave, visit this article at WizKids Games.