Now On Kickstarter "Seven7s" By Eagle-Gryphon Games

March 4, 2015 - 7:40am
Now on Kickstarter is Seven7s the seventh title in the E.G.G. series of games by Eagle-Gryphon Games.  This small box game designed Jason Tagmire reminds me a lot of Red7 where the cards you play change the dynamics of the game constantly.  There are Seven "suits" of cards in seven colors going up to the number 7.  You are trying to to have the highest valued cards at the end of the game doing so by playing other cards which will modify the value of your hand. With fairly straight forward game play this should be a great little filler game with possibly a bit more strategy behind it than some others in that each card in a series does have a different effect not just differing values of the same card and its effect.  Though being the third game in less than 6 months to feature strategic play of 49 cards there seems to be a bit of a theme developing here. Interestingly enough this is the seventh title in a series which has only had four titles come out before it.  Eagle-Gryphon seems to have a tendency to put out series of small box and very small box games starting with their acclaimed Gryphon Games series which contains such seminal favorites as Incan Gold and For Sale. If this small card game sounds interesting head over to the Kickstarter page here.