Coming Soon Dead Men Tell No Tales

March 3, 2015 - 9:42pm
Following on a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall Minion Games is finally bringing Dead Men Tell No Tales out in April.  This fun pirate themed cooperative does a nice job of pairing the hidden information aspects of a game like forbidden desert with the strategy of a game like Pandemic or Flash Point. While the distributor of this game has announced that it will be available in April the Kickstarter page for this project does not indicate that shipments have necessarily began to backers.  This indicates that the April ship date may slip.  Based on concerns voiced by the publisher in comments for the campaign they may be facing the same shipping delays that have plagued much of the industry for the last few months. That being said Minion Games does have a track record of taking care of their Kickstarter backers properly.  If this game sounds interesting keep your eyes peeled mid-April for it. Publishers description below For years you’ve been tracking Skelit’s Revenge, the most notorious ship on the high seas, and now you’ve finally taken it. Your Captain has informed you that there are treasure chests hidden on board full of the most valuable treasure the world has ever seen and now is your chance to take it all. Players take on the role of Pirates who are boarding Skelit’s Revenge for one take the loot. They must battle the flames, the skeleton crew, and their own fatigue if they hope to make it out alive. Dead Men Tell No Tales is a cooperative game for 2-5 players. The game uses the common Action Point system to determine what a player does on their turn….with a twist. As players work together, they can pass their Actions on to their teammates in order to best utilize the assets that they have. Players will build the board as they play, ensuring that no two games will ever be alike. As they search the ship for the Treasure, they will encounter Enemies and Guards that they must battle, along with various items that will help them in their quest…. all the while, battling the inferno that resulted when they took over the ship. Unique systems for tracking fire, enemy movement, and a player’s fatigue all combine into an interesting and unique cooperative gaming experience. Do you and your crew have what it takes to make off with all of the Treasure and live to tell the story? Or are you going down with the ship, in Dead Men Tell No Tales... 2-5 players Ages 13+ 60 minute play time