Tom Lehmann Gives A Preview of Pandemic State of Emergency

March 2, 2015 - 10:06pm
Tom Lehmann co-designer of Pandemic State of Emergency with Matt Leacock has detailed some of the things you will see coming with the upcoming expansion.  This expansion promises to be one that can make life both easier and harder.  With challenges like a superbug which is extremely hard to kill of and advantages like being able to quarantine a city so that the worst of a disease can't spread out with its cascading effects. In addition to the superbug and the quarantines they have also created a new variant using animal diseases which have an off map add on which should complicate things yet that much more.  Or better yet having cards coming up that will do nasty things like take away cards from you, push the infection track up, or infect cities extra in a turn.  Even worse some of these cards will have a lasting effect that won't go away until the next time you get awful news by a new one popping up. For all of the infectious detail head over to the blog post here.