Hyperbole Games: Great Tension in Game Design

March 1, 2015 - 3:21pm
When in the midst of an intriguing board or card game, the thought may flash through one's mind as to what makes the game so exciting and interesting.  If this has happened to you, then likely it was a particular moment or mechanic in the game that presented a conundrum, an unusual challenge, or a difficult decision.  Perhaps it was which strategy to focus on in Race for the Galaxy, or whether to risk taking that long route in Ticket to Ride, hoping you can complete it and not lose all those points at the end. Whatever your experiences like this have been, it's these types of which-way-do-I-choose-they're-both-good-or-bad decisions that provide nail-biting experiences to remember in our favorite games. Grant Rodiek posted an article for Hyperbole Games that addresses board game design from this perspective, one that emphasizes the importance of providing tension in games to promote a more exciting and dynamic gameplay experience.  He explains why a game's design should constrain the players within a box to provide structure, but not too narrow as to create monotony and boredom. You can check out Rodiek's interesting article here at Hyperbole Games' website.