Master of Hawks -- Fantasy Flight Previews Baharroth from 40K Conquest: Descendants of Isha War Pack

February 22, 2015 - 10:38am
master of hawks The Swooping Hawks of the Warhammer: 40K universe are winged Aspect Warriors famous for their ability to deep strike into enemy territory. They are led by the imposing Baharroth, Cry of the Wind. Now the flying Phoenix Lord enters the Warhammer 40K: Conquest LCG battlefield, as one of the included cards in Fantasy Flight's expansion pack Descendants of Isha. In the run leading up to March releases, Fantasy Flight Games takes an in-depth look at this notable general.
He is renowned for his speed in battle, and he has led his Swooping Hawks to countless victories. In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Baharroth’s ability text consists of just one word, but that word conveys everything you need to know about the Swooping Hawks’ fighting style. Baharroth bears the Mobile keyword, allowing him to move to an adjacent planet at the beginning of any combat phase.
Having a powerful character able to move across planets forces your opponent to spread his or her defenses thin, paving the way to defeat when the inevitable strike comes.

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The pack also includes many support cards to join Baharroth in battle including Baharroth’s Hawks, wargear such as The Shining Blade and Banner of the Ashen Sky, and the event Cry of the Wind.
By playing this free event after a unit moves from one planet to another, you can move that unit to an adjacent planet. This naturally increases the mobility of your Mobile units, but it also gives you a response to your opponent’s Mobile units, allowing you to force them back to the planet they originally came from or draw them further on into a deadly trap. However you use Cry of the Wind, it’s certain to secure air superiority for your warlord and his armies.
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