Stonemaier Games and 8 Unique Elements of Recent Crowdfunding Projects

February 22, 2015 - 10:42am
stonemaier logo Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games publishes a blog which pertains to different aspects of the gaming industry. In the past he wrote on how to build your Kickstarter Crowd, and an open letter to Kickstarter backers. This this week he tackles eight unique elements of recent crowdfunding projects. Jamey mentions the use of Facebook's new "Shop Now" feature. The Entropy Kickstarter campaign is currently using this feature to link Facebook users back to their main webpage.  He also appreciates how Project Dreamscape makes it a point to include information about the designers and how the individual outreach by the game's creator is such a positive experience. Another subject has to do with how building an audience to then latter offer them an on-brand game can be a success.
John Wrot, creator of The King’s Armory and crowdfunding innovator, is back with a campaign for beautiful dice. There’s a lot to like about the project, but my favorite part is that backers have the power to vote on new color combinations for the dice. I think that’s a cool way to involve backers in the creation of the product
That is a but a brief example from the blog, so go check it out and read the rest of Jamey's post here.