Coming Soon: Stratego: Waterloo

February 18, 2015 - 10:52pm
stratego waterloo
Relive and refight the Battle of Waterloo by leading your troops on as either Emperor Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington. Will you succeed in punching through Wellington’s lines before the arrival of the Prussians or will you, as Napoleon did, “Meet your Waterloo”?
The Jumbo Group (based in the Netherlands) has announced a new version of the classic game of Stratego to celebrate the upcoming bicentennial remembrance of the Battle of Waterloo.  This new version, aptly named Stratego: Waterloo, is at its heart the familiar game of hidden identities and a simple battle mechanism.  However, the game is striving to be much more. Stratego: Waterloo will include three methods of play: a basic version, a standard version, and an expert version. In the basic version, the winner is the first player to sever the lines of retreat of the other player.  The game is also lost if a player loses his commander and commander in chief, losing his or her ability to perform actions. stratego waterloo board In the standard version, the winning conditions are the same except for the following additional condition:
If the Napoleon or Wellington piece is captured, the game will automatically end, resulting in a decisive victory for the player who still possesses his Commander in Chief! The same victory condition as in the basic version is still valid: if a player succeeds in occupying the lines of retreat of his oppenent, then he will have won a decisive victory!
The expert version of the game works to appeal to the more serious war gamer and those players that, after having played the standard game a few times, are still in search of yet another challenge.  This version strives to maintain the same level of fun as the previous two versions of play yet attempts to follow the historical reality of the battle.  In addition to the regular expert mode, additional scenarios are included to make play more specific and thematic. Some of the major additions to the classic game of Stratego include a custom battle die, action cards, and a third faction.  The battle die allows for varied results for conflicts in which both sides have equal attack power.  Action cards provide an intriguing new element to the game, offering additional movement and battle options.  What's more, there are now three factions: the French army (blue), the Allied army (red), and the Prussians (black).  In the game, "players choose if they wish to play the French army (Blue) or the Allied army (Red). The French player has at his disposal 47 pieces. The Allied player only has 45 pieces, but after the 12th turn can count on the arrival of the Prussian reinforcements (Black) consisting of 13 pieces."  (Taken from the game manual, page 36.) The game includes the following components:
  • 47 x Blue pieces
  • 45 x Red pieces
  • 13 x Black pieces
  • 1 x Game board
  • 1 x Battle die
  • 2 x Hill tiles
  • 2 x Mud tiles
  • 3 x Building tiles
  • 15 x Manoeuvre Cards
  • 6 x Line of Retreat cards
  • 12 x ‘Weakened’ blocks
  • 6 x Building counters
  • Occupied building
  • 3 x Ownership flags
  • 1 x Turn counter
The game is slated for publication in March of 2015 and promises to be a fresh, deeper experience than its classic predecessor.  You can learn more about this game and read the rules offered in four different languages on the Jumbo Group website, or you can also find out information at