Fairy Tale Gloom Coming Soon From Atlas Games

February 13, 2015 - 7:35pm
fairytale gloom Atlas Games has announced the newest version of Gloom will be Fairy Tale Gloom.  This version will focus on how truly horrific many of the elements of Fairy Tales are.  Things like locking away a poor girl in a high tower and then making her let you use her hair as a a rope, or being turned into a family servant just because your father marries the wrong woman.  They will be focusing on the worst elements that seem to be exemplified in these stories. As with all of the themed versions of Gloom this is compatible with the base game but can also be played as a standalone game as well.  This is slated for a May release. fairytale gloom art Publishers description below. Fairy tales are awful. Wolves and old women eat children, giants fall from the sky, and even young girls break-and-enter to steal porridge from unsuspecting families. In Fairytale Gloom, custom collections of fairy tale characters like Jack, Gretel, Puss in Boots, and Little Red Riding Hood do their best to stay happy, but circumstances conspire to rain woe on their sad, benighted heads. These heroes become beasts, give up on Grandma, and cry wolf once too often. Even though they look into magic mirrors and kill golden geese, most end their days living in giant shoes... or worse. Contains
  • 110 transparent
  • poker-sized playing cards
2–4 players 60 minutes Ages 13+.