The Lost Realm! Fantasy Flight Previews Lord of the Rings LCG Deluxe Expansion

February 13, 2015 - 7:40pm
lost realm Fantasy Flight offers up a bonanza of info regarding their new expansion to the LOTR LCG (now that's a lot of letters!). The expansion, already briefly previewed by ACD Distribution, focuses on the evil-hunting bands of Dúnedain roaming the wilds of the North. Per the preview:
Outside the peaceful villages of Bree-land, lies a land tainted by ancient evils. In the darkest, northern reaches of Eriador, the Witch-king of Angmar once ruled. His armies terrorized the region for nearly seven centuries, and though he no longer resides within Carn Dûm, there are other evils that have found their way to Angmar.
lost realm cards The Expansion offers plenty of new characters, allies and scenarios. In keeping with the theme of the Dúnedain, many cards offer new mechanisms for engaging enemies and encouraging attack. A big example is the set's Aragon card.
Some of Aragorn’s benefits are obvious. By offering a consistent and immediate means of pulling enemies away from your fellow players, Aragorn’s ability grants you new freedom in the construction of your deck and the selection of your heroes. You face less need than ever to include Ranged characters…in order to attack those enemies that engage your fellow players.
Finally, the preview takes an extended look at the Secret Vigil card, a example of how the set offers Dúnedain-flavored access to threat reduction.
Even as it offers Tactics players a range of new freedoms, The Lost Realm provides them with some limited, thematic means to explore an entirely new role – threat reduction. For a single resource, Secret Vigil (The Lost Realm, 12) can attach to an enemy and reduce its Threat Strength by one, making it easier to quest successfully so long as that enemy remains in the staging area. Then, once that enemy is destroyed, Secret Vigil reduces each player’s threat by an amount equal to the target enemy’s printed Threat Strength. When you consider that The Galadhrim’s Greeting(Core Set, 46) costs three resources for a table-wide threat reduction of two, you’ll be especially thankful for the Dúnedain and their Secret Vigil, especially when they eliminate an enemy as threatening as an Angmar Marauder (The Lost Realm, 44).
For fans of the LCG, this Expansion offers plenty of food for new deck building ideas. Take a closer look at Fantasy Flight Games' preview here.