Coming Soon From Asmadi Games Penny Press

February 13, 2015 - 7:47pm
penny press Asmadi Games has announced their latest title which should be coming March 15th "Penny Press".  This game was the winner of Tabletop Deathmatch Season 1 (available here) which was sponsored by Cards Against Humanity and Ad Magic.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign for the game in July of last year they are finally releasing the game. Centering around the cut throat newspaper business of the late 1800's you are playing the role of a newspaper mogul like William Randolph Hurst or Joseph Pulitzer.  You need to make the strategic decisions about where you want to allocate the limited resources you have for getting your reporters on the stories while still getting to press while there is still a story to be told. While this and Extra Extra (our article) which was announced recently by Mayfair Games are both newspaper games their designers have acknowledged publicly that they appear to be very different games from each other mechanically and that if the newspaper theme appeals to you then both titles would good to add to your collection. penny press bgg Publishers description below Set during the tumultuous ‘yellow journalism’ years at the end of the 19th century, Penny Press has players taking on the roles of newspaper barons as they strive to become the dominant paper in old New York City. On each turn, you’ll be able to take one action with your reporters (placing or moving them onto stories) or go to press, if you think you’re ready!  Going to press involves laying out the story pieces on your player board to form the front page of your paper, but you’ll only be able to print stories that you’ve got a majority of reporters on. The player with the best front pages that have the most desirable stories will score more points and increase your circulation! So send your reporters out and start up the presses, because in the newpaper business, news travels FAST! Featuring beautiful artwork from Mackenzie Schubert, this game has an attractive box and great shelf presence! 2-5 players 45-60 minute play time