How To Serve Man - Gateway Games Cooks Up First Kickstarter

February 9, 2015 - 6:32pm
how to serve man In Gateway Games' new Kickstarter project, How to Serve Man, aliens come from the stars…but not to conquer us or even push us to the next stage in evolution. Instead they come because, face it, we're delicious. The title refers to the famous Twilight Zone episode in which a carelessly left alien book is studied by human researchers, only to find the same wordplay for the English "to serve" exists in the alien language as well. The theme takes a pretty humorous turn after the people-harvesting…turning the experience into a competitive game show right out of Iron Chef. From the kickstarter page:
The fires are lit, the silverware is polished, and the humans have been's time for everyone's favorite Cosmic Cooking Show, HOW TO SERVE MAN! Step into the shoes of an intergalactic Chef competing against other Chefs in a knock down, no-holds-barred Cooking competition! The featured ingredient for this contest… Human Beings! Impress the Celebrity Judges with your culinary prowess while making sure your ingredients don’t run away. Do you have what it takes to beat out your friends to become the champion of Space Kitchen Arena? In this light worker placement game, you will gather resources, cook them up, and combine them to create Dishes to present to the Celebrity Judge panel. Impress the judges and you will earn bonus points for future Dishes, and those judges will help shape your overall cooking strategy. The Chef that earns the most points, while dealing with the inevitable hazards of outer space, wins!
To Serve Man is Gateway Games's very first game. The goal is $20,000, with stretch goals to unlock more ingredients, judges, and more. Over $7,000 has been raised, with 29 days left to go. The game requires the typical 2-4 player count, takes about 60 minutes to complete, and is listed for ages 1o and up. Follow the progress of the game at the kickstarter page, or check out the company blog.