Now On Kickstarter: Bad Lands: Curse of the Skinwalker

February 4, 2015 - 9:45pm
bad landsGangfight Games is currently running a Kickstarter for Bad Lands: Curse of the Skinwalker.  Bad Lands is a co-op western horror survival game in which heroes are fighting to save the town of Blackwater Gulch from a pack of hideous were-things such as Jackalopes, Chupacabras, Werebears, Werewolves, and other nightmarish beasts. Players will select the hero they wish to play, or players may design their own characters to play.  As players move through the town defeating monsters, they can pick up loot that is either lying around or is dropped by slain beasties.  Loot such as an old revolver, silver bullets, or a fancy gun belt can not only aid in helping heroes bring down these creatures, but also gives the heroes experience points (XP) in which to improve their characters. Bad Lands offers a survival mode and an adventure mode, in which a player can serve as Gamemaster and take the heroes on a campaign. Bad Lands is for 1-4 players and includes the following in the core set:
  • 8 hero cards and pawns
  • 6 heavy-duty, linen-coated board tiles
  • 28 encounter cards & villain pawns
  • 64 loot cards
  • 6 6-sided dice
  • 36 plastic pawn stands
  • Dozens of tokens
  • Full-color rulebook
Bad Lands: Curse of the Skinwalker has a primary funding goal of $25,000, and currently $3,792 has been raised.  The finding date is March 3, 2015.  For more information about this project visit the Kickstarter page HERE.