Family Card Game 'Moly Diggins' on Spiele-Offensive

February 2, 2015 - 1:29am
Courtesy Spiele Offensive Project Courtesy Spiele Offensive Project

The latest entry in Spieleschmiede’s Little ‘N’ Nice series is raising funds on Spiele-Offensive. Moly Diggins is a card placement game where players add to a series of winding tunnels to set up their moles to catch the most earthworms. Laying those cards takes a good bit of critical thinking to ensure that the colored worms match.
“The player moles will not only whizz through underground passages - they are also constantly digging new tunnels and short-cuts. Even though Moly Diggins may seem simple, the players will be able to make tactical decisions and after several rounds will be crawling along seemingly endless tunnels.”
Moly Diggins is for two-to-four players and takes about 15 minutes to play. It comes with 10 cards, four mole meeples, and matching stickers. If you’re interested in this family weight card game, check out the Spiele-Offensive page for more on Moly Diggins.