First Reinforcement Packs for BattleLore 2ed. Announced by Fantasy Flight Games

January 29, 2015 - 1:42pm
Battlelore Reinforcement packs Fantasy Flight Games, Inc. announced the coming of two new creatures in the first Reinforcement Packs for BattleLore Second Edition, the Mountain Giant and the Great Dragon. Muster mighty giants from the mountains of Terrinoth to crush your foes and reduce their buildings to rubble.
These enormous humanoids are usually content to stay close to their lairs, but when one is enticed to venture out, the very ground shakes beneath his massive feet...He can cast boulders with stunning accuracy at your foes or cut a swath around himself with his club.
By controlling its hoard of treasure, you can control the ferocity and terror of the Great Dragon.
A Great Dragon in the service of an army is a terrifying thing – it flies across the battlefield, breathing plumes of flame on any who cross its path.
Each Reinforcement Pack comes with one detailed miniature of the unit, the necessary muster cards, three new lore cards, a terrain tile, and a scenario highlighting the new unit. Look for these new creatures to add to your Battle Lore Second Edition experience in stores second quarter of 2015. Click here for full details and a preview of the new Mountain Giant and Great Dragon Reinforcement Packs.