'El Grande Big Box' American Distribution Confirmed

January 28, 2015 - 7:24am
El Grande Big Box Ever since Dutch publisher 999 Games announced the El Grande Big Box in Europe, there has been much speculation as to whether this long-awaited reprint would get U.S. distribution. W. Eric Martin, over on BoardGameGeek, provided the answer to that question today.
Z-Man Games has confirmed to me that it will release El Grande Big Box in English in 2015.”
This confirmation that Z-Man Games will be handing American distribution is wonderful news for many board game fans who view El Grande as the founders of the area control mechanic that’s so prevalent today. The big box edition, which coincides with the games 20th anniversary, purports to contain all official expansion materials including:
  • Grand Inquisitor & Colonies
  • Grandissimo
  • King & Intrigue
  • King & Intrigue: Player's Edition
  • King & Intrigue: Special Cards
El Grande layout There is also a possible “anniversary extension” (“Jubileumuitbreiding”) that could find its way into the El Grande Big Box. Stay tuned for more details, especially when the Nuremberg International Toy Fair kicks off on January 28. Thanks to W. Eric Martin and BoardGameGeek for breaking the story. Make sure to check out Dice Tower's review for more on El Grande.