EPIC DICE Tower Defense: Now on Kickstarter

January 27, 2015 - 9:26pm
epic dice tower defense Defending your tower from an advancing horde of goons gets a new perspective in EPIC DICE Tower Defense, the latest Kickstarter from Potluck Games (Dungeon Dice).
EPIC DICE Tower Defense is a strategic, all-dice game that combines your craving for dice rolling and your love of tower defense games.
According to the campaign page, EPIC DICE intends to live up to the name…the game is entirely run with dice, over 68 dice so far. One player takes the role of defender, using dice to customize defenses and set traps, while the other player uses his or her dice to hire squads of goons to charge those defenses with the hope of getting at least a few eager pillagers through. The game is 2 player (with potential 3 player as a stretch goal) and takes only about 20-40 minutes to either defend the realm or spread chaos to every corner of the land. With 37 days left to go, the project has already raised $32,950 of a stated $25,000 goal.