Correction To Asmodee Buying Ystari and Pearl Games

January 24, 2015 - 5:13pm
  asmodee Earlier this week I reported that it looked like Asmodee had purchased two of their game studios.  This was based upon a press release that was put out by their game studio Marabunta.  Unfortunately when reporting a story we do have to operate off of the information we have been given.  In this case the information from Marabunta was not necessarily wrong.  But rather it caused many of us within industry press to take away different information than is accurate. W. Eric Martin over at Board Game Geek reached out to his contacts at all three companies and received responses back from Ystari and Pearl Games both stating that their status as independent game studios had not changed.  I did contact Asmodee on the day of the announcement to confirm the information but did not receive a response. To see the full BGG correction with statements from the publishers you can see the article on  here.