Announces First Two Tables Available For Order

January 23, 2015 - 1:02pm
boardgametables_com logo has announced their initial two tables are available for immediate order.  This company focuses on offering tables that are high quality still not necessarily customized beyond a few add-ons that are offered and the wood and stain you choose.  Their two tables are a 66"x41" rectangle and a 51" edge to edge hexagon.
Rectangular Table with every add-on available Rectangular Table with every add-on available

Both tables are designed to comfortable seat 6 people and have the ability to have either an inset or overlaid topper put on them. They do have a few other add-ons available including cup holders and drawers.  Additionally Cherry and Walnut are considered an upgrade over the two base woods Oak and Knotty Alder.
Hexagon table with all add-ons available Hexagon table with all add-ons available

If you have been drooling over a Geek Chic table but can't afford the $3000 starting price this might be a good alternative for you.  Starting at $1399 this has a base price of less than half the price of the base model offered by Geek Chic.  That being said the offerings from this company are more fixed than Geek Chic's.  But if what you want is a quality gaming table and you don't necessarily need all of the bells and whistles that Geek Chic offers this might be a nice alternative.
table with inlay Table with optional inlay

  Because this is their first set of offerings I can not speak previous customers experiences with the product.  But being a solid wood product it should be able to withstand the demands that most gamers place upon it.  Because they are offering two products that are only varying in the wood used they are able to keep the cost down. To see full information on both tables head over to their site here.