Asmodee Buys Pearl Games and Ystari

January 21, 2015 - 4:13pm
asmodee ystari pearl rachete Asmodee has bought two more companies.  On the heels of a 2014 which saw them buying Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight Games they have purchased Ystari and Pearl Games. This is revealed as basically an aside at the end of a press release on their internal publishing house brand Marabunta.  They seem to be slowly but surely consolidating a lot of companies within the industry into them. Those that have paid attention to the way Asmodee seems to operate will note that they basically seem to be happy buying brands and letting them operate as normal and basically just consolidating distribution and marketing activities.  This will likely be looked at by some people as a negative thing.  But in reality some of the companies in this industry will grow larger over time and others will disappear as time goes on. Like many of Asmodee's other acquisitions this seems to be an example where they were tired of being simply a distributor for both of these companies in foreign markets and decided it would be worthwhile to just bring them within the organization formally.  Asmodee as a company tends to be good at utilizing synergies like that without necessarily losing the heart of the acquired company.   If Asmodee confirms this I will update this post to reflect their response. for more information you can catch Gus and Co's story where they discovered this information here.(in french)