Resources Rotating out of Star Trek: Attack Wing

January 20, 2015 - 2:40pm
star trek attack wing bannerwizkids The first sign of a successful collectible game is usually heavy modifications to the tournament formats. Monday, WizKids did just that for Star Trek: Attack Wing by announcing a rotation in tournament-legal resources. These resources refer to the modifications players can make to their ships, including using specific flagships, fighters and personnel. The changes are intended both to break up the competitive scene a little, as well as relieve WizKids from having to maintain an increasingly-complex reprint schedule.
When we first launched Star Trek: Attack Wing we didn’t even know how many releases there would be, let alone how long the great player turnouts would persist at local stores. Over the past year, as Star Trek: Attack Wing has experienced sizable increases in audience, we have reprinted popular ships and waves to make sure new players have access to all the game elements. But as we continue to develop new and exciting Organized Play programs, it’s become clear that it’s getting harder and harder for new players to collect and use previously released resources. Additionally, current players of Star Trek: Attack Wing have voiced concerns about seeing the same resources used repeatedly.
Starting in March, all WizKids-run official tournaments will use the new rotation. And WizKids is also encouraging all store tournament organizers to follow their lead. The most notable resource rotation, the Flagship cards, will be rotating June 1st. To read more about the rotation, check out WizKid's announcement here. To see the current fan reaction, check out the BGG thread here.