Stonemaier Games: An Open Letter To Kickstarter Backers

January 20, 2015 - 1:50pm
stonemaier logo For enterprising small game publishers, Jamey Stegmaier's regular blog posts at Stonemaier Games (publisher of Viticulture and Euphoria among others) have been a regular source of useful information…basically the on-going do's don'ts of trying to promote, produce and sell a Kickstarter project from the initial brainstorm to the follow up after a successful campaign is finished. Last Sunday, Jamey diverted from the usual content largely targeted at Kickstarter creators and choose instead to offer some sound advice to the backer side of the equation.
Today I’d like to address you, the backer, to talk about the impact you have on creators and projects. The way you engage with creators has a direct impact on how that creator treats you and other backers, and I’d like for you to realize the full extent of that power.
As the Kickstarter platform has matured, the environment has changed. Along with the many, many successful projects funded with Kickstarter, quite a few backers have also witnessed occasional unscrupulous creator activity resulting in projects never materializing. While an experienced, often more jaded backer community is the natural result, Jamey's advice largely boils down to having empathy for the creators and empathy for each other during the Kickstarter process.
Skepticism on Kickstarter is perfectly natural. We’ve all been burned by creators who simply dropped off the map for months at a time, never reply to messages, or deliver something subpar. But some creators genuinely want to try their best to create something awesome for you, and you won’t know who those creators are until you give them a chance. This is especially important for first-time creators.
Jamey goes into quite a bit of depth. To take a look at the rest of his points, check out the full blog post here.