Geek Chic Announces Changes for 2015

January 20, 2015 - 1:46pm
Geek Chic Logo Geek Chic has announced their 2015 changes to their business and their offerings.  Starting off with an expansion to their manufacturing facilities.  If you know much about how Geek Chic has been operating for the past few years then you know that they have been expanding rapidly.  At times they were not able to keep up with the demand for their  furniture and so there have been points at which they have had waiting lists as far out as 18 months to get their beautiful creations. In addition to their expanding the workshops for building furniture they have also added a new type of wood to their offerings.  In addition to the maple, cherry, and walnut that they have made available up until this point they have also added oak as an option.  They have stated that this should allow customers to match more closely the look of the table with their other heirlooms or heirloom quality furniture that they may already possess.  In addition this does offer another distinctive look. In addition they have announced their 2015 roadshow dates
  • PAX South - January 23-25 - San Antonio, TX
  • PAX East - March 6-8 - Boston, MA
  • GAMA Trade Show - March 16-20 - Las Vegas, NV
  • *Emerald City Comicon - March 27-29 - Seattle, WA
  • *WonderCon - April 3-5 - Anaheim, CA
  • MegaCon - April 10-12 - Orlando, FL
  • Denver Comic Con - May 23-25 - Denver, CO
  • Phoenix Comicon - May 28-31 - Phoenix, AZ
  • Origins Game Fair - June 3-7 - Columbus, OH
  • San Diego Comic-Con - July 9-12 - San Diego, CA
  • Gen Con - July 30-August 2 - Indianapolis, IN
  • PAX Prime - August 29-September 1 - Seattle, WA
  • DragonCon - September 4-7 - Atlanta, GA
  • *Rose City Comic Con - September 19-20 - Portland, OR
  • *Salt Lake Comic Con - September 24-26 - Salt Lake City, UT
  • *Board Game Geek Con - November - Dallas, TX
Dates with an * are TBD whether they will be included in the schedule. For more information about Geek Chic and products head over to their site here.