Mr B Games Announces Three Publishing Partnerships

January 16, 2015 - 4:17pm
Mr B Games publisher of last years hit title Spurs: A Tale in the Old West, has announced partnerships with 3 publishers for 2015.  First is L4 Studios two big box titles 'Warquest' and 'Extraordinary Voyages'.  Second with Phoenix Rising Games to launch 'Rolling for Amusement' on Kickstarter.  Finally with Mighty Box Games for their release of 'Posthuman'. These partnerships seem to be positioning Mr B in a good place for 2015.  In particular the two titles from L4 Studios are designed in part or in whole by Glenn Drover former owner of Eagle Games. As a publisher Mr B seems to have the ability to attract talented designers. posthuman In addition to the 3 publisher partnerships Mr B has also given a little teaser about 2 of their releases for 2015.  The first is a Richard Launius title and the second is a title designed by Mr B himself Sean Brown along with one of his good friends Scott DeMer.  While no details have been released beyond that they should both be quite good. Publishers press release below Today, Mr. B. Games announced that it is partnering with three publishers in 2015. Mr. B Games has signed a partnership agreement with L4 Studios to work on “big box” releases. The first two projects from this team feature a design from Glenn Drover (former owner of Eagle Games) called Warquest and the second is a Drover and Don Beyer design called Extraordinary Voyages. A partnership agreement has also been signed with Phoenix Rising Games and together they will be presenting a Kickstarter campaign later this month for the game Rolling for Amusement. A publishing and distribution agreement has been reached with Mighty Box Games for its upcoming release Post Human. In addition to the partnerships, Mr B. Games has a 2015 release coming from designer Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm) and a 2015 release coming from designers Sean Brown and Scott DeMers. About Mr. B. Games Mr. B. Games has been developing and publishes games since 2006. Alien Uprising, a cooperative game from Richard Launius was our first big box game release and is well received. Spurs, a sandbox western, was our second release and is from designer Ole Steiness. Realm of Heroes, from Scott Demers is a euro style strategy game and Clockwork Kingdom is a worker placement game from Brandon Allen. Both Realm of Heroes and Clockwork Kingdom are slated for March releases in 2015.