Producer Randall Emmett Teases Monopoly Movie

January 16, 2015 - 1:27am
monopoly-movie-news-randall-emmett-slice Movie and television news site Collider sat down with producer Randall Emmett to talk about the upcoming Monopoly movie. Set to film this summer, Emmett described the daunting task of getting this movie off the ground.
“To land the rights was a huge challenge because no independent company had every gotten right from Hasbro.”
With a script nine months in development, Monopoly promises to be a family adventure that will appeal to adults as well as kids, much like the beloved 80s classic Goonies.
“[Goonies] is a perfect analogy to what Monopoly hopefully will be.”
More information including the director, cast, and plot details will be revealed in early February following the Sundance Film Festival. Meanwhile production will begin shortly with at least some of the filming happening in Atlantic City. For more on the Monopoly movie, check out the rest of Collider’s interview with Randall Emmett and their writeup here.