FFG Preview: Elder Sign Expansion - Gates of Arkham

January 16, 2015 - 1:12am
gates of arkham Fantasy Flight Games has a new preview for the upcoming second expansion to their Lovecraft-themed dice game. Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham expands the nightmarish threat of the Ancient Ones to the streets of Arkham and tears at the barriers between realities.
“Gates to Other Worlds are opening at locations across the city, in the Woods and the Black Cave, in the center of town at Independence Square, even within the Bank of Arkham and the South Church. Only by traveling through these gates and encountering the Other Worlds can you make Arkham safe once more.”
Gates of Arkham places new emphasis on sealing gates to Other Worlds which now prevent players from accessing Arkham Adventures and can eventually spawn additional monsters. Along with Mythos cards and the doom track, gates can be opened by the four new world-ending gods introduced in this expansion.
“The Ancient Ones are hideous to look upon, and the sight of one has been known to drive even the most fearless men insane.”
Yog-Solthoth, Ghatanothoa, and a whole host of horrors await. Read the full preview for all the details, and check out our review for more on Elder Sign.