Gen Con Housing Moves to Lottery Format

January 14, 2015 - 7:51pm
gen con 2 Gen Con is the longest running and best attended table top gaming convention in the U.S. and possibly the world, according to Tom Vasel. The convention takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana during the summer and this year it is scheduled for July 30th - August 2nd. In the past Gen Con has had a first-come, first-serve system when it comes to their housing registration. This year, in response to customer requests, Gen Con will move to a lottery based type of format.
When Housing Registration opens at noon (Eastern) on Sunday January 25, all customers who have purchased eligible badges will be randomly entered into a queue and then given access to the Housing Portal, one at a time. This will distribute the high demand on the Housing Portal over approximately one-to-two hours, instead of a minute or two as in previous years.
This process may take slightly longer, but with a personal countdown timer you will know when your time in the Housing Portal will be coming up. This method does not guarantee a downtown hotel, though, but it should smooth the distribution of room throughout the entire housing block. Badge registration starts January 23rd at noon Eastern Standard Time and housing registration starts two days later on January 25th. For more information on this click here.