Cold, Metal, and Evil: IG-2000 Expansion for X-Wing

January 14, 2015 - 9:30am
The Aggressor is no freighter, shuttle, or support ship. It’s a powerful assault fighter designed expressly for space combat and loaded with potent power cores and weapons systems.
Fantasy Flight Games' upcoming expansion for the popular X-Wing Miniatures Game features the IG-2000 assault fighter, belonging to the notorious and fascinating droid bounty hunter, IG-88.  Although the ship has a limited firing arc, it makes up for this with its extremely high maneuverability and plethora of upgrades.  Additionally, an ability to link other IG-88's abilities through the star fighter is possible if a player chooses to field more than one of these fast fighters. IG 2000 2 The IG-2000 sports very balanced statistics, with three attack, three agility, four hull, and four shields.  The Aggressor's action bar also carries four possible actions (focus, target lock, evade, and boost).  This ship is the first large-base ship to have the boost action as a built-in action.
In many ways, then, the Aggressor is the first large-base ship that’s all about its maneuvers, and that might just make it the most “natural” of the large-base ships yet to arrive to a miniatures game that is – at its heart – all about outmaneuvering your opponent in order to get the ideal shot.
ig-88a ig-88b ig-88c ig-88d   The IG-2000 expansion pack is scheduled to hit the shelves sometime during quarter 1 of 2015.  For more information about this new expansion, visit the latest article on FFG's website here.
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