Tigris & Euphrates: Announcing the Return of a Classic Game

January 8, 2015 - 12:19pm
tigris euphrates
The king surveyed his territory, wondering where to build a temple to the goddess Inanna, a promised reward for her help in ending a rebellion. The city was crowded thick with houses and markets, bounded by the Tigris River and ringed by the bright colors of cultivated land. His eyes finally came to rest on a flat-topped hill looming over the city’s northern edge, long held by another king. There had been decades of peace between the two kings, but the temple must be built or else the goddess would exact terrible vengeance for the broken promise. The king had no choice. It was time for that peace to end.
Fantasy Flight Games announces the return of a classic tile-placing game by well-known designer Reiner Knizia: Tigris & Euphrates.  In the game, you play the role of a ruler in ancient Mesopotamia.  Your task: to grow the largest, healthiest, and most balanced civilization among the four spheres of commerce, agriculture, housing, and religion. tigres euphrates board This high-quality reprint of Tigris & Euphrates will feature an updated look based on the art of ancient Sumer and Babylon.  This edition will also feature advanced variations of play, including such components as a double-sided game board, civilization buildings, and a wonder tile with its accompanying idol. The game is recommended for ages 14+, is for 2-4 players and game play lasts from 1-2 hours. This edition of Tigris & Euphrates contains:
  • One rulebook
  • A double-sided game board
  • Over 150 civilization, unification, and catastrophe tiles
  • Over 150 victory point and treasure tokens
  • 27 detailed plastic components representing leaders, monuments, and civilization buildings
  • Four player screens
  • One embossed cloth bag
The struggle to dominate the fertile crescent begins in first quarter of 2015.   To read the official announcement of this reprint, visit the article at FFG's website.  For more information on this new edition of Tigris & Euphrates, visit the game's mini-site at Fantasy Flight Games.