Story War: Sentinel Conflict Kickstarter Cancelled

January 7, 2015 - 2:07pm
story war Greater Than Games pulled the plug on their latest Sentinels of the Multiverse project on Kickstarter, Story War: Sentinel Conflict. With just a few days left and only 70% of funding in place, Christopher Badell (Game Design Director) and his team made the difficult design to cancel the project.
“We had hoped there would be interest in a Sentinel Comics version of Story War, as we had played and enjoyed Story War. However, the response here, on our website and others, and on social media has been clear: Story War is not a direction people are interested in seeing the Multiverse go.”
While Story War and a comic series might not be the right fit for Sentinels of the Multiverse, fans continue to show a lot of interest in more Sentinels content. Badell notes the recent Challenges and Achievements release, and that shipping has begun for Wrath of the Cosmos. There are also planned Sentinels Tactics tournaments and Multiverse Month, an organized play event throughout January. To read the rest of Chris Badell’s update, check out his post on the Story War: Sentinel Conflict Kickstarter page.