Now on Kickstarter - Foam Brain Games Metal Dice II

January 7, 2015 - 1:48pm
metal dice 2 Foam Brain Games launched a Kickstarter to expand their offering of metal dice with new colors and styles.
There are now 3 newly designed styles of dice available for this project and in addition to our current lines of dice, we have all new colors of Antique Silver, Antique Brass and Nickel Black!
The new styles include a larger, 20-sided die with the numbers arranged sequentially for use as a stats tracker or counter, a three-sided die, and a spotted version of their rounded, numerical six-sided die. Foam Brain Games is also using this opportunity to enhance their dice bags. Reward tiers and add-ons range from individual dice to complete RPG and wargamer sets. Get all the details on the Foam Brain Dice: Metals II - More Colors, More Dice! campaign page.