Fantasy Flight Games releases first wave of Star Wars: Armada!

January 5, 2015 - 11:28am
Back in August, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new capital ship scale miniatures game, Star Wars: Armada. Since then we've seen preview after preview of sneak peeks leading up to this momentous day with the news of a first wave of ships! Available beginning in February, these new ships are the first available tools to bolster the starter pack fleets of any aspiring Imperial Grand Admiral or Rebel Blockade Runner. As you would expect, Fantasy Flight has chosen some of the more iconic ships from the franchise. Like all the ships in the Armada game, these beauties are fully pre-painted and each pack includes all the relevant tokens, command dials, ship and upgrade cards to operate and customize your ship for the mission at hand. destroyer

Victory-class Star Destroyer

A smaller, nimbler Star Destroyer, identical to the one included in the Armada starter pack. An Imperial Fleet always needs extra Star Destroyers! corvette

CR90 Corellian Corvette

The ideal ride for a space princess on the go. Fast enough for the most daring of diplomatic missions, unless a certain Lord of the Sith gets involved. This ship includes a title card to assume the role of the famous Tantive IV ship, as well as a commander card for the one and only Mon Mothma.

nebulon b

Nebulon-B Frigate

Can be converted to either a fighter escort or a powerful support ship in a larger fleet. Includes 2 unique title cards.

assault frigate

Assault Frigate Mark II

The Mark II is the largest and most powerful Rebel ship in the first wave. Show those Imperials what the Mon Calamari are capable of!

Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer

Have you ever wanted to own the Demolisher Star Destroyer first seen in Droids? Now's your chance with the Gladiator. Also includes plenty of upgrades to modify attacks, move between attacks and increase accuracy.

Rebel Fighter Squadron

This pack includes a huge assortment of advanced Empire-fighting technology. A full 8 squadrons of A-wings, B-wings, X-wings and Y-wings are in this one box. Unique pilots Wedge Antilles and Tycho Cechu also make appearances in uniquely marked vessels.

Imperial Fighter Squadron

What would the Rebel Pilots do if they didn't have anything to dogfight with? Hot on the tail of the next would-be Red Leader is this host of Tie Advanced, Tie Interceptors, Tie Bombers and Tie Fighter squadrons. Swarm your foes, protect your Star Destroyers and crush the Rebellion once and for all!

Dice Pack

Don't wait for the rebel scum across the table to hand you his dice, buy your own with this extra 9-pack of intense firepower. The enemy is almost in range, and with these dice you'll be fully operational just in time to give them a nasty surprise.