FFG Descent Preview: Guardians of Deephall’s Lord Hawthorne and Crypt Dragons

January 2, 2015 - 11:38am
deephall figures Fantasy Flight Games continues its series of previews for the upcoming Hero and Monster Collection, Guardians of Deephall, bringing more of the classic first edition heroes and monsters to Descent 2nd Edition. This time they feature melee expert Lord Hawthorne and the sinister crypt dragon monster group.
“As a Warrior, Lord Hawthorne brings overwhelming strength to your quests, cutting down the deadly monsters of the overlord wherever they may stand. In combat, Lord Hawthorne is renowned for his mastery of greatswords and other enormous weapons.”
lord hawthorne Lord Hawthorne is a battlefield juggernaut, not only using his huge two-handed sword to gain Reach on all melee attacks, but with a Heroic feat that allows him to follow up an attack with an additional attack up to two spaces away. To counter this deadly hero, the overlord will have access to shadowy crypt dragons who can strike fear in even the hardiest adventurers.
“Crypt dragons are formidable in battle, and when you play as the overlord, you can call upon their dread power to send the heroes fleeing in terror.”
With both Horrifying visage and Cause Fear, even the bravest heroes are just one unlucky willpower check away from complete chaos. Guardians of Deephall comes with 13 miniatures and should be available in stores soon. Check out the full article for all the details.