Assemble the Fleet: A Look at Fleet-building in Star Wars: Armada

December 28, 2014 - 7:22pm
armada ships
In Armada, your fleet isn’t just the collection of miniature starships and fighter squadrons that you bring to the table; you also bring a collection of cards that define how your starships will function. These include ship, squadron, upgrade, and commander cards.
Fantasy Flight Games continues to reveal the overarching concepts and gameplay of their upcoming release, Star Wars: Armada.  In a recent article on FFG's website, a detailed look at the mechanisms of building a balanced fleet is explored.  Each fleet is allocated a set amount of points (i.e., 300 points) with which to select ships, pilots, upgrades, and commanders. armada ships 3 In building a powerful fleet that will change the fate of the galaxy, one begins with selecting the ships that will comprise the fleet, with each ship costing a set number of points.  Next, squadron cards are selected for each ship to determine whether the ship or squadron is being piloted by a non-unique collection of fighters or an ace pilot, such as Luke Skywalker.  As with ships, squadron cards each carry point costs that reflect the strength of the cards.  Upgrade cards are then selected, outfitting ships with the weapons, systems, and equipment necessary to succeed.  Each fleet then needs a commander to command the fleet, and the ship on which the commander is placed becomes the flagship.  Flagships lead the fleet and bring with them unique special abilities.  Finally, objective cards are selected that give each player specific objectives that define their own reasons for the space conflict and what each side is trying to accomplish.
As you select the specific ship and squadrons that you’ll add to your fleet, along with any upgrades that you intend to use, you begin to form the outline of a larger strategy. As you change your selections, this outline changes. Accordingly, even with a limited number of ship miniatures, you can field an impressively diverse assortment of fleets, each of which may pursue its own strategy in battle.
Star Wars: Armada is expected for release during the first quarter of 2015.  For more information on the game and the fleet-building mechanisms, visit the full article here.