Nature's Ire Cooperative Adventure Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

December 19, 2014 - 3:32pm
natures ire Fantasy Flight Games has continued its trend of releasing game night kits for Descent Second Edition with its fall kit Nature's Ire.  Previously only available to retailers, the adventure is now available from FFG's in-house manufacturing.  The kit features not only a brand new adventure to experience with your friends but is an entirely unique play mode for Descent Second Edition - fully cooperative!  From the product announcement page:
In traditional games of Descent, one player is the overlord, controlling deadly monsters and springing traps, while up to four players battle these monsters, gathering items and experience as they move through the campaign.  Cooperative adventures like Nature’s Ire change this gameplay entirely by allowing up to four players to work together to defeat monsters and traps controlled by the game. Each cooperative adventure simulates a mini campaign in one session, inviting you to explore an expanding area, testing your wits, battling monsters, and grabbing loot and experience along the way!
natures ire card The game uses randomized rooms and programmed monster actions to allow the players to work together to defeat the AI.  No Overlord needed.  But don't delay as you play - the doom track and fate track advance through various game mechanics and conspire to overlap, ending your game prematurely if you aren't careful!  Look for this product from select retailers soon. Nature's Ire is an expansion - the Descent Second Edition base game is required to play.